It is not the strongest or largest companies that perform best, but those that anticipate developments in the smartest way. They dare to change. And move just in time.

Muddling through?

Change course by 1 degree and you will arrive in a completely different port. With over 35 years of experience in the maritime world, we help you take the right strategic decisions.

Join in the fun?

Sometimes it is better to ignore trends or prevailing opinion. To escape conventions and forecasts. And to think freely about scenarios and opportunities.

Competitive field?

The farmer of tomorrow relies on satellites, robots and drones. First movers maximise their yields. This is new territory that we would like to help explore.

Without limits?

Robots at the operating table. Big data for better diagnoses. E-health for remote care. Technology empowering the physician. But also new partnerships, mergers and acquisitions. JBR helps you look ahead.

Museum piece

Today's tools have brains. Think. Learn. Constantly fueled by the cloud and big data. This is how the traditional manufacturing industry is being reinvented. JBR helps you make the right investment choices.

Big Brother

Everything around us records, interprets and communicates. Big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things challenge you to change. How? Whereto? JBR helps you map out strategic pathways.

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Develop a strategic portfolio analysis for growth opportunities
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Corporate Finance

Support company acquisitions, advice as to financing opportunities and perform business valuations
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Restructuring to protect continuity and avoid bankruptcy
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Interim Executives

Helps your company to ensure continuity at short term
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