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Investor buys measuring instrument maker in Alkmaar

September 17, 2019

September 17, 2019

Active Capital Company (ACC) has taken a majority stake in Technobis Group, a company that develops high-tech measurement instruments. The multi-million dollar investment will enable the development of new technology and accelerate Technobis' scale-up.

Technobis currently serves mainly pharmaceutical companies, which use the high-quality measuring equipment in the development of medicines. In addition, the Alkmaar-based manufacturer has recently started supplying integrated photonics solutions, or measuring instruments that work on the basis of light. ACC's investment should help Technobis accelerate the rollout of this new fiber optic technology - which is expected to be sold primarily within the aviation and offshore sectors.

"We think the company has enormous growth potential," states ACC partner Mels Huige in explanation of the acquisition. He expresses the expectation that Technobis - which currently employs seventy people - will increase its turnover fivefold to €150 million in five years on the basis of the new technology. To this end, a second factory will be built next to the current one in Alkmaar. This multi-million dollar project will be financed partly with equity capital and partly with bank money.

Founder and former CEO Pim Kat retains an equity stake and has assumed the role of CTO, in which he will focus entirely on Technobis' technological development. The management team also has an equity stake in the new setup. The millions ACC has paid for its majority stake come from a new fund worth €85 million, raised by around fifteen institutional investors and high net worth individuals.

During the acquisition process, ACC was legally assisted by law firm Houthoff, while Corporate Wise was responsible for the legal support of Technobis. In addition, JBR and Atlas were also involved in the realization of the deal, in the roles of corporate finance advisor and tax advisor, respectively. No financial details surrounding the deal have been disclosed so far.