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Rick ter Maat sworn in as a Registered Valuator

September 27, 2019

Rick ter Maat studied at the post-graduate Business Valuation program at RSM Erasmus University. He is now one of the 300 sworn Registered Valuators affiliated with the Netherlands Institute for Registered Valuations (NIRV).

We ask him about his experience and what the title means for his work at JBR.

Why is the Registered Valuator title so important?

"On the one hand, because I see that the importance of a Register Valuators title is increasing from the market. It is a stamp of quality, which also has value in legal disputes and appointment as a valuation expert by the court, for example. On the other hand, it gives me more theoretical background in the field of valuation, which makes me stronger in negotiations and discussions on content. A good example is a major valuation job in South America where I defended a portfolio valuation before the entire board. Thanks to the knowledge I acquired during the programme, I was able to faultlessly substantiate and explain certain assumptions and theories."

During your studies you travelled a lot for your work, how did you combine this?

"The study was arranged in 6 blocks of 4 days in a row according to. In combination with the frequent travelling this initially seemed ideal, because it was arranged in manageable blocks. But then you'll always find that in terms of work, it didn't fit in well with certain weeks, so I still had to do a lot of work after a day of training. All in all, it was tough, but doable."

 What does the title mean to JBR?

"Outwardly, it is a strong stamp of quality, partly because PE (continuing education) points must also be obtained annually to remain a Registered Valuator. It underlines the focus on quality and professionalism of JBR. With it, we are able to advise our clients even better on corporate finance and valuation matters."

Finally, we ask Ronald van Rijn, partner of JBR, to add.

"Rick is one of three individuals within JBR with the title of Registered Valuator. Occo van der Hout and Rocher Hulst preceded him. It is clever that he has achieved this, especially as he has done many assignments abroad during his studies. We are therefore very proud of Rick.

With this theoretical baggage we can serve our customers even better. Rick is able to translate theoretical knowledge into practice. For Corporate Finance he works on M&A projects (mergers and acquisitions) where companies or business units are merged, demerged, bought and sold with the aim to grow the company faster. Business Valuation is becoming increasingly professional and relevant has a strategic value, partly due to the changing takeover market. In a world of great uncertainty and shorter company life cycles, understanding the risks involved is more important than ever. Valuations are also a good tool in strategic decisions on divestments, for example when a conglomerate is reviewing its own portfolio."


photo of Ronald van Rijn, Rick ter Maat and Iemke Imhof
Ronald van Rijn, Rick ter Maat and Iemke Imhof

Rick started at JBR as a consultant and is now a Principal:

  • 2019 Principal
  • 2018 Senior Consultant Corporate Finance
  • 2015 Consultant Corporate Finance