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New acquisition: Melvin Zandstra

November 26, 2019

Interview with Melvin Zandstra

Melvin has been working as a Trainee consultant Corporate Finance at JBR since October 1, 2019. He was able to start working immediately after completing his Master's degree in Finance at the University of Groningen.

How did you get to JBR?

"Via a vacancy on the website of an employment agency. When I finished my Master Finance, I already knew that I wanted to do something within Corporate Finance. So I started looking for vacancies that were in line with this. I soon came across the vacancy of JBR. What appealed to me was the compact team at JBR, with both national and international clients in sectors that interest me. I applied for the job and after that it all went pretty fast. After my final interview, I was able to start work right away."

What were your expectations?

"The interviews during my application were very relaxed and there was a click right away. That is why I expected to be able to settle in quickly within the organisation. I feel that this has worked out quite well. I get along well with my colleagues and after the first week I was already participating fully in the projects."

What makes you happy in your work?

"What makes me especially happy is the versatility of this work. The whole process of guiding the client from A to Z is something I really enjoy. At the end of a successful project, you can really say that you have meant something to the client. I can express my passion for Corporate Finance here. Getting to the bottom of finance is something I enjoy and can do here frequently."

What is your motto and why?

"Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

"I myself aspire to the same standards and values. Mutual appreciation and cooperation have been in my blood from an early age. I believe it's important to take into account the people around you and not just look at what's best for yourself. The trick is to find the right balance. By joining forces, you can achieve more together than alone."

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What do you do in your spare time?

"I've always played tennis and been on a ski team. At the moment I don't play both any more, but I would like to pick this up again. Furthermore, I love watching movies and series and I am a supporter of sc Heerenveen. I am also a fanatical Formula 1 fan and this keeps me glued to the tube for hours."

Finally, we ask Thomas van Amerongen for an addition.

Thomas is Melvin's mentor.

"Melvin, with his drive and knowledge, is a valuable addition to JBR. From the first day of his employment, he has shown strong development as a Corporate Finance consultant."