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New intern: Sana Ahmed

November 26, 2019

Interview with Sana Ahmed

Sana is our intern in the Corporate Finance department at JBR since October 1, 2019. She is studying at Nyenrode Business University and is working on her master's degree in Finance and Financial Management Services.

(Sana is in English)

How did you end up at JBR?

"I was looking for internships in Corporate Finance/M&A to gain some work experience while completing my Masters at Nyenrode. While applying for several internships, I came to know about JBR through the alumni network of my university, which encouraged me to apply here. Not only did the internship suit my interests perfectly, but also the cordial and welcoming atmosphere made left a very positive impression on me. I am still really happy with my decision."

What were your expectations of JBR?

"I wanted to work for a small team with highly experienced professionals, so I could observe the corporate finance/M&A business more closely, which was possible at JBR. Everyone in the team has been very helpful in teaching me, and are always proactive to answer my questions."

What makes you happy in your work and study?

"Learning new skills and applying them successfully after some practice, gives me a great sense of accomplishment. This is something that I try to apply in my work and study."

What is your motto an explain why.

"If you don't try, you'll never know"

"I have tried to apply this motto in almost all challenging situations I've been in. As hard as it has been to leave my comfort zone, it has mostly paid off. Except the time I went skydiving!!!"

What do you do in your spare time?

"I like to read, occasionally write and play lawn tennis."

Finally, we ask Alexander Beyleveldt for an addition.

Alexander is the mentor of Sana.

"I have come to know Sana through our shared Nyenrode network. Sana is very keen to learn new skills, is passionate about Mergers & Acquisitions and highly proficient in English, which makes her valuable for the corporate finance team at JBR. She is currently involved in several maritime M&A projects and helps with market research."