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In conversation with Rik van Meirhaeghe and Ronald van Rijn

December 12, 2019

A moving picture says more than a thousand words


Rik and Ronald talk about their introduction and cooperation. JBR now also has a branch in Belgium and the Belgian team also works in the Netherlands. The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

In conversation with Rik van Meirhaeghe and Ronald van Rijn

Rik, how did you get to know Ronald and JBR?

Rik: "I got to know Ronald during the last major project I did with Spie. That was a takeover of a fairly large party in the Netherlands, Ziut. I really liked the work, also because of the professionalism of JBR with which the project was run. Good, then we met a few more times and together we had the feeling that we could develop something together."

Ronald, how did you meet Rik?

Ronald: "Yes, a small correction on how Rik and I know each other. We met through the OHM project. That was an installation company for a network company, for which we had the sales mandate. He probably forgot about it because it didn't work out. But the big impression was of course Ziut, where we sat opposite each other for almost half a year, in great discussions that ultimately led to the transaction."

So from negotiating to working together?

Rik: "We started our collaboration a few months ago. What is striking is that we very quickly came to very good projects, where we can work together. This is partly due to our specific expertise in the installation and energy sectors. It also has to do with the fact that we like each other as teams and as people."

That sounds good, are there more advantages?

Ronald: "The big advantage is that we are not starting from scratch, but Rik has a full and mature team around him. He has chosen them with great care and we have a lot of confidence in them. Rik's knowledge of the energy and installation sector is very important to us and immediately shows in the enthusiasm with which customers receive us.

Why did JBR start in Belgium?

Ronald: "That was actually an old wish. We also tried it ourselves once, but it wasn't particularly successful. And what I learned from that is that the combination of Rik's human qualities and professional content as well as his sector knowledge of energy and installation."