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New acquisition: Niklas Kaiser

January 29, 2020

Interview with Niklas Kaiser

Niklas has been working as a working student in Corporate Finance at JBR since January 2, 2020 . He studied business administration and completed a Master's degree in Strategic Management at Erasmus University.


How did you get to JBR?

"I ended up at JBR after an interview with a change management boutique in Baarn (InContext). After only five minutes, the interviewer at InContext noticed that I was looking more for a consulting firm with strategy and corporate finance, so he put me in touch with Ronald van Rijn. After a couple of nice interviews with different consultants at JBR, I eventually got in here as a work-study student."


What were your expectations?

"What was expected of me was already clearly discussed during my interviews with Iemke Imhof. I would start as a working student within JBR and work on several business cases that JBR receives. After a few months we would see if I met the requirements for the trainee function within JBR. Personally, I expected a pleasant working atmosphere within JBR, where you can immediately feel at home and that you are immediately seen as part of the team.

JBR has met all these expectations so far, making me extremely happy with my decision to work here."


What makes you happy in your work?

"It makes me happy when I can go to work every day and know that something different will be expected of me today. This diversity is there at JBR, because you are around the table with many different companies from all over the world and every company brings a different case. The great thing about this is that every case is never 100% financial or strategic. There is always a mix to be seen between both topics which is very nice."


What is your motto and why?

Strategy and Finance are incomparable, but inseperable'

"The direction one wants to take with one's business well must be matched with the resources one needs to do so. A good strategy is a fantasy if one has no funding for it, and a strong funding has little potential if one has not set competitive goals for its use. During my strategy master in Rotterdam this became clear to me, because at that time we had mainly focused on developing strategies for companies, without thoroughly thinking about whether this was possible at all in terms of funding. This led me to look for an employer who would let me think about both subjects when presented with an assignment. I was finally able to find this balance at JBR."


New acquisition: Niklas Kaiser

What do you do in your spare time?

"In my spare time I like to hang out with my friends and go to sports. At the moment I'm mainly running, going to a gym regularly and probably picking up hockey again soon."


Finally, we ask Alexander Beyleveldt for an addition.

Alexander is Niklas' mentor and corporate finance consultant.


Does Niklas work on projects or do research?

In the first two weeks, he was mainly introduced to the internal training tools and the organisation, but since the last two weeks he has also been involved in projects that we are currently working on. At the moment his role is mainly creating slides, structuring data and finding data. When he has fully grasped our internal training tools, he will also be able to take up financial modeling, but first he needs to get the hang of it.


What do we learn from Niklas?

We have yet to experience that. So far he has been open to everyone and participates enthusiastically in projects, which makes it nice to work with him. Once he is settled in, we will see what he is capable of and what he can teach us.


How does his master's in Strategy Management connect to his work JBR?

His master's degree fits in well with his work at JBR. After all, we are always dealing with a mix of strategy and finance within our business cases. With the help of our internal training tools, he will also be able to develop further in the finance part of the work, so that soon he will be at full speed helping us in every aspect, within strategy and finance.


How does the onboarding program work at JBR?

The onboarding program of JBR goes through a so-called "car wash" that prepares you for the work within JBR. This car wash consists of several parts, such as a checklist that you must complete within the first 30 days and the things that you must learn "On the Job" to be able to work independently. An example of the check list is to have a coffee with each employee in the first 30 days to get to know each other and an example of the "On the Job" part is to learn how to counter read.