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Welcome back to the office, safe and sound!

June 30, 2020

Het Rond has been transformed into a contemporary corona-proof office, guests and employees can meet each other again.


The impact of the Corona crisis on our work has not escaped anyone's attention. No more travelling, no more client visits, working from home, assignments temporarily on hold. Digital meetings and consultations soon became the standard. And we noticed the advantages.

It soon became clear that the crisis would last for some time and that the effects would be felt well beyond the summer and perhaps until the end of the year. In addition to short-term actions, this also calls for immediate structural measures, taking into account a 'new normal'.

In December, we had already started an accommodation study aimed at growing our business, with activity-based working as a starting point. New cooperation partners are also making use of our premises. In March we decided that moving is not an option at this time. We made use of the corona period to adapt our current premises to a smarter way of working.

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With our people, partners, advisors and associates our building has been transformed into a contemporary, corona-proof, hospitable office. Rolien Lucassen of Funckey guided the process.

Digital brainstorming sessions were used to develop an inspiring and constructive concept in which meeting our clients is central. In the past months we have learned that the added value of coming to the office lies in the creativity, the fun and the cooperation with your colleagues.

Brainstorming, knowledge transfer, learning, inspiring are done at the office. We concentrate as much as possible at home. We travel less and thus contribute to reducing traffic congestion.

The past two weeks we have been working in a dosed way in the office. The first experiences are very positive

Your and our health comes first. The 1.5 meter distance and hygiene are central to us. The meeting rooms are all equipped with video-conferencing, calling in additional participants is always possible.

Fortunately, our hospitality is still the same. You are welcome for a cup of coffee, an intensive conversation, sparring together and a drink in the bar or on the terrace!

JBR renews ACP and ISO/Maatstaf certificate through combined audit by CIIO 1


Curious about what our building looks like now? Take a look at the tour below.