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Sharing knowledge between sectors is necessary to digitise efficiently during the crisis

July 14, 2020

We ask you to participate in our research into the challenges of digitisation and the added value of knowledge sharing between sectors.

The corona crisis has exposed digitization shortcomings in many sectors. Where digitalization was first seen as an opportunity to cut costs or create new products and services. digitalization is now necessary to execute various core processes decently. Thus, the measures are catalyzing the digitization of many sectors. Transforming during a crisis is more challenging than under normal circumstances, but those who go through the transformation now may have created opportunities for later.

We recently highlighteda number of examples of digitalisation that offer opportunities for the installation sector in times of the Corona virus.

The Dutch horticultural sector is internationally renowned for its efficiency. Digitalisation plays an important role in this benchmark position: dozens of sensors measure the growth of plants and the climate in the greenhouses; automatic control systems keep the growing conditions for plants at an optimum level at all times; robotics is increasingly used to increase the efficiency of the greenhouses and to compensate for a growing shortage on the labour market. We recently supervised a transaction in this field. The shortage is exacerbated by the corona crisis because fewer seasonal workers are available.

Similar examples of the added value of digitization during the corona crisis can be found in all sectors. The government is even exploring how digitization can play a central role in reducing the virus, and preventing a second wave.

The effective use of existing knowledge about digitization can save costs and time. We think that sharing knowledge about digitization, between different sectors, has a lot of added value.

Digital transformation offers (even in times of crisis) unprecedented opportunities for society. However, the digital transformation in practice has various challenges.
In order to better map these challenges, we are working on a study about digitalisation within our network. Which challenges are specific to which sectors and where can sectors learn something from each other?
In order to test these assumptions and better map out your challenges, we are working on a study about digitalisation.

We would like to ask you to complete this questionnaire . It only takes 5 minutes to complete. Of course we will share the results with you.


Thank you very much for your interest,

Kind regards,

Martin Giersch
Business Analyst, JBR

Sharing knowledge between sectors is necessary to digitise efficiently during the crisis