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A beautiful sponsor amount for the UAF and the Alzheimercenter Amsterdam

August 11, 2020

Early this year JBR, in cooperation with the Lions Bussum Godelinde, organized the JBR New Year's Concert in the Grote Kerk in Naarden. The proceeds of the concert go entirely to two charities. JBR has chosen the UAF as its own sponsorship target, because of the development of their talents. The international character of our agency demands multicultural thinking and we also encourage our employees to keep learning. Refugees come here with a lot of knowledge and experience. They deserve to have this utilized and to get the best opportunities in our country.
The Lions Club Bussum-Godelinde has chosen the Alzheimer Center Amsterdam as its sponsorship target. Alzheimer's is the epidemic of the future: the number of patients is growing at a phenomenal rate. The disease is dramatic for both the patient and the environment and does not only affect the elderly: over 10 percent of the patients get the disease before the age of 65. All donations benefit the research.

On Thursday 6 July last, the presentation of the sponsor cheque took place. Because of the Corona measures we celebrated the nice result with a small group at our office in Zeist.

The total sponsorship amount is 20,000 euros. This amount is divided equally.
10.000 euro for the Alzheimer Center Amsterdam, the charity of the Lions and 10.000 euro for the UAF through JBR.


A beautiful sponsor amount for the UAF and the Alzheimercenter Amsterdam
from left to right:
Aert van der Ven, President of Lions Bussum Godelinde.
Mardjan Seighali, Director of UAF.
Ronald van Rijn, Managing partner of JBR.