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PrivaZorg becomes part of the Fundis network

October 1, 2020

The administrative merger between Fundis and PrivaZorg is a fact after approval by the NZa and ACM. With this merger PrivaZorg becomes an independent part of the Fundis network. JBR guided PrivaZorg through the strategic reorientation, the search for suitable partners and the merger negotiations with Fundis.

The PrivaZorg customers will retain their care and care provider. The activities of the still independent support centres have been taken over by PrivaZorg as of 1 October 2020. As of this date, there are only 'own' support points. In time, the PrivaZorg care providers will experience the benefits of the partnership with Fundis: less administrative work and more control over the care provision, in line with their individual choices.

At the central office in Amersfoort, dozens of jobs in PrivaZorg's support services will disappear. A social plan has been drawn up in consultation with the trade unions and the works council, which will provide guidance from job to job for employees who lose their jobs.

PrivaZorg becomes part of the Fundis network 1


PrivaZorg is a home care organisation with a special character that was established 25 years ago. The organisation works mainly with (1,300) independent care providers, such as (district) nurses, carers and home helpers. From local support centres in the middle and south of the country, they take care of approximately 2,800 clients.

After the departure of the Supervisory Board, management and directors of equity foundations a while back, PrivaZorg embarked on a strategic reorientation.JBR In the past month, PrivaZorg has done an analysis of possible future scenarios for the organization. This was necessary, because there were quite a few problems - declining revenues, an excessively high overhead and decreased trust among health insurers, care offices and municipalities.

There was and is also a discussion with the care financiers about the deployment of independent care providers. The care financiers want PrivaZorg to employ more care providers, for reasons of efficiency and quality.

Together with PrivaZorg, JBR explored three scenarios: independent continuation, an integral merger with a national partner, and the split housing of the organization with regional partners. This exploration resulted in PrivaZorg's desire to investigate an integral merger. JBR conducted this market exploration and together with PrivaZorg conducted the discussions with potential merger partners. From this, Fundis emerged as the preferred partner.

Subsequently, the team of JBR - consisting of Caspar van der Geest, Kees van Biert, Stijn Dijksterhuis and Marten Giersch - supported PrivaZorg in the merger discussions.

PrivaZorg becomes part of the Fundis network 3

Joining forces

PrivaZorg is now an independent part of the Fundis network. The legal merger will take place at the end of 2021. According to Jeroen Collette, interim director at Privazorg, the special character of PrivaZorg ensures that it 'fits in well with Fundis', a network of 22 organisations with 4,500 employees who provide care to 12,000 vulnerable elderly and chronically ill people.

For Fundis, the merger results in a significant increase in scale, giving it a solid position in home care. The institution also gains experience in working with independent care providers. In Fundis' view, they form an important link in the solution for the shortage of nurses and carers. Fundis plans to further facilitate independent working in the coming years.