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IDFA documentary 'We Are the Thousand'

November 30, 2020

The feel-good film 'We Are the Thousand' is about dreams, daring and perseverance. This year we watched the IDFA documentary online with our good relations. The organisation of IDFA provided a chat room, a ticket for the documentary, an aftertalk with the founders and an online reception.


JBR is a sponsor of Club IDFA, which means that we and our good relations get to visit the festival every year. We always sit in the comfortable room 2 of Pathé Tuschinski in Amsterdam. This year was different because of the Corona measures. Fortunately we could still watch the documentary together, but now at home on the couch.

Beforehand our guests received an exotic drink package from Mooncake. The package contained products from small entrepreneurs in Amsterdam South-East.


At the start we already received nice reactions via chat:

'Nice initiative JBR, even this year IDFA again!'

'Nice this initiative, a very different way of having a night out.'

'Thanks JBR, beautifully and originally arranged!'

'Nicely arranged JBR, fine performance.'

'... what Corona is not good for already! Thanks, JBR!'

'Team JBR, thanks for the invitation and the goodies. A new experience richer!'

'Beautiful initiative!!! many thanks JBR!

'Thanks for this lovely gift JBR, look forward to seeing the documentary!'


Summary of the documentary


Italian Fabio Zaffagnini has a dream: getting his beloved band Foo Fighters to perform in the Italian city of Cesena. But how does he get the world-famous rock band to do it? By paying tribute to the band with a thousand musicians, with the song 'Learn to Fly'.

250 singers, 150 bass players, 250 drummers and 350 guitarists. They auditioned via youtube. After a 'Yes' they go to Cesena at their own expense. The personal stories are touching. The musicians decide that this is the moment to chase their dream.

The punk, the pensionado, the adolescent and the teacher: everyone is euphoric when, after just one day of practice, they can successfully call themselves the greatest rock band in history. Their achievement soon goes viral and also reaches Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters.


Aftertalk with the founders of Rockin'1000


During the aftertalk with the founders of Rockin'1000 Fabio Zaffagnini and Claudia Spadoni questions were asked via chat. It became a fascinating conversation with these two enthusiastic people.


Via chat, these questions were asked and comments were made to Fabio and Claudia, among others:

You needed 40,000 euro, did you raise this money? Or did you have to start without any resources?'

What a fantastic movie and great project, it made me feel very happy after a long time of corona with no concerts. This showed the power of being together! Thank you!'

We all had a smile on our faces for one and a half hour. Amazing! Grazie!'

The best question of all: "My wife asks if you are still single, Fabio?


IDFA documentary 'We Are the Thousand' 4

Online drinks


Afterwards, there was some talk in the virtual breakout room for guests of JBR about the documentary and about dreaming and daring.

Here we also received nice comments from our guests:

What a beautiful film, touched me how all who played were able to give up something of their individuality to contribute to the higher cause. Beautiful theme, especially in this day and age!'

'Great movie, the coronade depression melts like snow!!!'

'Super docu: we really enjoyed it here. The box is almost empty and we are having a good drink. Thanks and see you next year.'

'Thanks for a great evening with an impressive film, inspiring people and tasty nibbles on the sofa.'

'JBR, many thanks for this fun event! This film will linger for a while: wonderful! And also thanks for the delicious snacks :-)'


IDFA documentary 'We Are the Thousand'

Thank you very much

We enjoyed this special event. We would like to thank everyone for their enthusiastic presence. You rock!


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