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With what types of questions and issues do clients approach JBR Strategy?

February 17, 2021

Strategy, alongside Corporate Finance and Restructuring, is one of the three main pillars of JBR's services. The questions with which clients approach JBR Strategy are very diverse and can be linked to a corporate finance or restructuring question, but can also stand alone.

JBR Strategy caters to a wide range of clients; from entrepreneurs, SMEs, family businesses, leaders and specialists in our six focus sectors to private equity and family offices, supervisory boards and public parties.

Clients recognize the strength of the fact that JBR Strategy is an independent discipline within JBR, but that where desired a combination with the other disciplines, Corporate Finance, Restructuring and Interim Executives, can be made within JBR. The extensive network of JBR in the six focus sectors is also of great importance. These focus sectors are: Maritime & Offshore, Food & Agri, Healthcare, Energy & Environment, Industrial Markets and Digital Transformation & IT.

The strategy consultants at JBR support clients with a range of questions and complex strategic issues. They are particularly good at:

  1. Acting as a sparring partner for complex issues; reformulating the problem, including it in the solution process and creating support among all those involved
  2. Asking critical questions and challenging the client where necessary to bring about positive change
  3. Developing an 'out-of-the-box' vision and translating it into a concrete future-proof strategy and business results
  4. Carrying out complex and accurate quantitative and qualitative analyses, drawing up scenario analyses and developing future-proof earnings models
  5. Understanding issues at the intersection of strategy and corporate finance / M&A and shaping an acquisition or exit strategy
  6. Investigate new opportunities, the desired value proposition and identify target companies to develop a buy-and-build strategy or growth platform
  7. Providing insight and knowledge from different sectors and transferring relevant experiences and developments from other sectors
  8. Supervising strategy sessions and evaluating and outlining possible strategic routes, based on sector and discipline knowledge
  9. Carrying out market studies to draw up a strategic outline of a (sub) market, to identify possible targets or growth opportunities or to draw up a business plan
  10. Assist in positioning the company based on a thorough market and perspective analysis, and translate this into an action plan
  11. Drawing up benchmarks of participations as basis of strategic choices and growth opportunities
  12. Advise on viability and value of an investment and fit with the overall strategy of the organisation
  13. Analysing the socio-economic impact of a company on the competitiveness of a cluster and the importance of this cluster on the environment
  14. Sketching a business case to support an investment
  15. Investigating the feasibility of synergy benefits in acquisitions and providing support in integration issues
  16. Execution of commercial due diligence


An important common denominator in the questions that come to JBR Strategy is that a combination of sector knowledge and discipline knowledge is often sought. The strategy consultants at JBR all have in-depth knowledge of the discipline and are also linked to the aforementioned focus sectors, in which they have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience. The strategy consultants also have extensive experience with Corporate Finance and Restructuring projects.

Whether you are experiencing headwinds or tailwinds, want to grow or shrink, need to make big or small decisions, the strategy consultants at JBR are ready to take on the challenge with you.