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JBR helps entrepreneurs at a crossroads looking forward

February 25, 2021

The consultants at JBR help entrepreneurs, managers, shareholders and regulators with their strategic issues. Four experts from the Strategy Team tell how the consulting firm helps clients who are at a crossroads to make the right choices.


The world never stands still - change happens all the time. This has happened at a faster pace in recent decades than ever before - the world has become much more complex and dynamic than it once was. That makes entrepreneurship challenging. But it also means that choices must always be made - an essential part of entrepreneurship.

But what if you as an entrepreneur can no longer see the forest for the trees, in other words: you are at a crossroads and do not know which exit to take. In our years of strategy consulting we have been able to support numerous entrepreneurs in making decisions, decisions that influence the growth path of the organization. We have been able to provide a rationale for a choice or a confirmation, allowing important steps to be taken with a strong focus and certainty about the direction taken.


JBR helps entrepreneurs at a crossroads looking forward


Every company has its own image of the future and a strategy to work towards it. But what if this future looks different in the course of time, for example because the economy develops differently than predicted, or because elections lead to politics taking a different course. As an entrepreneur, you must be able to anticipate this.

Even within your own sector, all kinds of things can change: new parties seek their place in the market, established parties disappear, things are scaled up, in size, but also in the chain, consolidation can take place. A totally different supplier can upset the balance, your customer base can grow larger or smaller, or your suppliers can change their offering.

The fit between your company and the market has shifted and that requires adjustment. Issues arise and you realise that choices have to be made. Then it's time to take stock of the strategic routes. An important part of running a business is retaining control: you don't want your company to become a plaything of the circumstances, but you do want to be a game-changer. However, swallowed up by the hectic nature of the day, it is possible that you as an entrepreneur have too little time to work out the various scenarios in order to make well-founded choices.


Looking ahead

JBR is aimed at entrepreneurs, managers, supervisors and owners who are at a crossroads and are seeking substantiation, support or validation for the direction of growth, the path to new business or, conversely, the transfer or discontinuation of business.

As an entrepreneur, you can turn to JBR for advice on these questions. Especially when you are at a crossroads of choices, our knowledge of strategy and sectors combined with a financial justification can help you choose the right direction.

The basis for the advice comes from an external analysis of, for example, the company's market potential, the possible positioning within market segments, the critical volume required for a future-proof position, the opportunities and threats in the market, and an internal analysis of the company, including opportunities and risks. The analysis can be as large or small as desired. An afternoon of sparring is also an option.

If necessary, our corporate finance advisors will value your company or business units and can indicate how this can be further optimised. They will also look at whether the company can optimise value independently, or whether an acquisition will provide the necessary impetus for growth. But it may also be that a strategic or financial buyer can add more value, in which case we will of course examine whether this is a preferable route.

If growth through acquisition is chosen, the process of selecting the ideal partner and the purchase process is in good hands at JBR. Even if an external investment or sale is on the agenda, JBR has extensive experience in advising on this process.


Our track record

We have been able to go through the selection and decision-making processes with many entrepreneurs. Because we work with entrepreneurs from all sectors, we can use the knowledge and experience gained in one sector in another sector. This allows for interaction between the sectors.

The entrepreneur's specific industry and inside knowledge combined with JBR 's knowledge of industries, business models and how to optimize the value of companies resulted in thorough, and often surprising and creative scenarios.

It goes without saying that in making the subsequent choices it is necessary for the various stakeholders to be in agreement. Here, too, a joint process will be followed, in which workshops and discussion rounds will be used to create support among all the stakeholders in order to have a strong common focus and certainty about the direction to be taken.

In this way, the entrepreneur, management or shareholder can take the right turn and face the future with confidence.


More information and contact details

If, as a result of the above, you would like to spend an afternoon sparring with one of our advisors, we are completely open to this. In fact, we are looking forward to it!

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