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In conversation with Rik van Meirhaeghe about Pryme-Cleantech

March 2, 2021

On Tuesday, February 16, the shares of Pryme-Cleantech were introduced on the Oslo Euronext Growth. An important step for the sustainable and innovative company.
The team at JBR BELUX has been working on the IPO so that Pryme has the financial space to carry out its project. We are extremely proud of the successful strategy chosen.

Rik van Meirhaeghe, managing partner of JBR BeLux and CTO of Pryme explains:


"Pryme is a chemical recycling company that has developed a special technology to convert non-recyclable waste plastics into petrochemicals.

The technology is based on a patented pyrolysis process. The first factory will be built in Rotterdam. Pryme will contribute to a new environmentally friendly and circular economy with a low carbon footprint in line with EU directives. At the same time, the company has an economically scalable and profitable business model with high growth potential.

My team has been working on the International IPO on the EuroNext in Oslo, so Pryme has the space to ramp up capacity. All the permits are in place.

It is a great step for JBR to make such an impact with this corporate finance project. With the financing plan, Pryme Clean Tech is also giving an additional boost to the sustainability transition.

As part of my daily work as a partner at JBR, I will become CTO at Pryme for a few days a week, among other things to supervise the construction of the plant in Rotterdam. At the moment we are working on expanding the team at BeLux."


In conversation with Rik van Meirhaeghe about Pryme-Cleantech