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JBR renews ACP and ISO/Maatstaf certificate via combined audit from CIIO

April 29, 2021

CIIO is a certifying body that can assess both quality marks in one combined examination. We recently renewed both quality certificates in this way.

Iemke Imhof, manager business operations at JBR: "We combine external audits for the ISO-9001 quality mark and ACP quality mark. It fits with our way of working, where we have our processes in order and continuously work on craftsmanship. Our motto is: 'tomorrow will be better than today'.
Last year we still had a few points of attention, these have now become plus points!
We have taken a good qualitative step with customer evaluations and assignment evaluations. These intensive customer evaluations have provided a wealth of information, more than we expected. It is also appreciated by our customers. We will definitely continue with it."


Summary of CIIO

JBR has had a tumultuous year, but has managed to complete assignments satisfactorily, keep employees employed, and has taken well to task the comments and deviation from last year's survey.


A selection of CIIO's findings

  • Corona has accelerated the internal renovation plans of our office, in order to be able to work corona proof and receive guests.
  • JBR has successfully responded to a non-normal market: normally the Restructuring and Corporate Finance services are communicating vessels; in corona time this was different and through improvisation/leness they still managed to bring in enough work.
  • Strategy days were held with the whole agency in 2020, with themes for the near future and an analysis of where the agency stands and an ambition of where it wants to be.
  • The realisation of the new handbook (which has been a wish for years) was successful; also with a lot of input and therefore support from colleagues. It has also led to the simplification of some of the primary processes.
  • The pillars in the handbook contain guiding principles that lend themselves well to annual reflection. The manual is checked annually for relevance and, if necessary, updated.
  • The JBR newsletter is used to communicate with clients and stakeholders.