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New acquisition: Boudewijn van der Hart

May 27, 2021

Interview with Boudewijn van der Hart

Boudewijn has been working as a Trainee Consultant at JBR since March 29, 2021 . He studied Economics and Business-Economics in Groningen and completed his Master's in Financial Economics at Erasmus University.

How did you get to JBR?

I first came in contact with JBR at the RISK Congress in March 2020. At that congress I attended the M&A workshop of JBR. The informal cooperation and open attitude of Rocher, Rick, Melvin and Iemke gave me a warm impression of the atmosphere at JBR. During the closing drinks of the congress I asked for the contact details so I could send my motivation. In February 2021 I finished my master Financial Economics in Rotterdam and immediately sent my motivation letter to JBR. Eventually I was able to start working already on March 29.

What are your expectations?

I expect to learn a lot of the Corporate Finance profession at JBR at a rapid pace. I hope that when Corona is no longer a hot topic it will again be possible to visit foreign clients.

What makes you happy in your work?

Good cooperation with colleagues and a good atmosphere at work make me happy in my work. I also get satisfaction from advising and helping people.

What is your motto and why?

"Sometimes you win and sometimes you can learn from it."

If something is not going so well, I take that information with me to my next project.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time I do a lot of sports. I play hockey with Hurley in Amstelveen and I go to the gym. On a weekday evening I like to play a board game, I think Thirty seconds is a fast and fun board game. In the weekend I usually go out with friends or family.


Boudewijn van der Hart
Boudewijn van der Hart


Finally, we ask Thomas van Amerongen for an addition.

Thomas is Boudewijn's mentor.

Does Boudewijn work on projects straight away?

Boudewijn was working on projects right from day one, mainly in our Maritime & Offshore sector. JBR could therefore put his efforts to good use from day one, allowing Boudewijn to immediately show his added value. The onboarding program eventually followed shortly after he started.

What do we learn from Baudouin?

Boudewijn has the good habit of regularly evaluating his work. He does this for himself, but he also asks his colleagues for feedback. The structure he employs in this shows that he likes to take 'learnings' with him to future projects.

How does his study connect to his work JBR?

In terms of financial content, Boudewijn is well up to speed. His personality also fits in well with the culture of JBR. He has taken these two valuable elements with him from his studies in Financial Economics in Rotterdam. The focus now is on deepening his professional knowledge, which he is gaining from his work experience at JBR.

How does the onboarding program work at JBR?

The onboarding program consists of both internal and external courses that are given. In addition to Boudewijn, we have currently welcomed 4 other new colleagues. We have therefore put together an intensive training program for the coming weeks, consisting of technical, professional courses, combined with practical workshops given by JBR colleagues. In addition, each new colleague will be assigned a 'mentor' as a sparring partner for the first period within JBR. Together with your mentor, new employees draw up a 100-day plan; in this plan, in addition to the various training courses to be followed, the objectives in terms of development are included.

Thomas van Amerongen
Thomas van Amerongen