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New acquisition: Gustian van der Linde

May 27, 2021

Interview with Gustian van der Linde

Gustian has been working as a consultant in Corporate Finance at JBR since May 17, 2021 . He studied Economics and completed his Master's in Finance in Groningen.

How did you get to JBR?

I was approached by a recruiter that JBR has good contact with. In the conversations that followed, I immediately became excited about the company, its culture and colleagues, the clients JBR works for and the types of assignments JBR focuses on.

What are your expectations?

I expect to be able to learn a lot in the field of corporate finance and M&A. After a number of years of experience in debt advisory, I am very much looking forward to this new step, in which I expect to be able to take my experience and apply it. I am also curious about the clients of JBR, the issues they face, what drives them, and what we can do for each other.

What makes you happy in your work?

I really enjoy being continuously involved with new companies and people. To see what product they offer, how the business model works and certainly what the culture of the company is. What I also like in my work is converting financial data and analyses into choices and decisions.

What is your motto and why?

"Work with people from whom you can learn something."

By surrounding yourself with good, fun and curious people you continue to learn from each other. I find this very important in my work and career. You keep each other sharp, come up with new ideas together and evaluate when something could have been done better. This applies to content, but certainly also to the personal level.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time I can regularly be found on the tennis court, but especially since corona, cycling (and sometimes mountain biking) has been added to that.

Besides that I like to cook. After a trip through India I started with the Indian kitchen, but this expands further and further to other Eastern and European cuisines

New acquisition: Gustian van der Linde
Gustian van der Linde


Finally, we ask Harold Brummelhuis for an addition.

Harold is Gustian's mentor.

Does Gustian work on projects right away?

Gustian just started and he immediately got to work on a project. He is working with Rocher on a follow-up acquisition of a previous transaction.

What do we learn from Gustian?

It's still early to say, he just started. He fits in well with the team and we are happy with him. Gustian has extensive experience in the field of debt advisory and supporting companies in optimizing their financial structure and restoring profitability.

How does the onboarding program work at JBR?

The onboarding program consists of both internal and external courses that are given. In addition to Gustian, we have currently welcomed 4 other new colleagues. As a result, we have put together an intensive training program for the coming weeks, consisting of technical, professional courses, combined with practical workshops given by JBR colleagues. In addition, each new colleague will be assigned a 'mentor' as a sparring partner for the first period within JBR. Together with your mentor, new employees draw up a 100-day plan; in this plan, in addition to the various training courses to be followed, the objectives in terms of development are included.

Harold Brummelhuis
Harold Brummelhuis