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New acquisition: Rogier Tigchelaar

May 28, 2021

Interview with Rogier Tigchelaar

Rogier has been working as a consultant Corporate Finance at JBR since May 3, 2021 . He has completed a Master BA Investment Management at the Business School of Tilburg University. Rogier has also completed all CFA levels.

How did you get to JBR?

Through Thomas.I have known him since our college days. A few months ago we got in touch to have dinner with our college friends again. I told him that I was ready for a next step towards Corporate Finance and if he could tell me more about it. He told me very enthusiastically about his work at JBR. It immediately sounded like a match for me; nice colleagues, interesting customers and the sectors in which JBR is specialized I have an affinity with. This was soon followed by the first job interviews at JBR where both parties immediately clicked.

What are your expectations?

My expectation is that I will learn a lot about corporate finance and the sectors in which JBR is specialized. In addition, I expect to be able to apply the knowledge I have gained at Kempen and through obtaining all the prestigious CFA levels, and to function as a sparring partner for others. I am also very curious about the entrepreneurs, their issues and about the dynamics of the company, how it functions. I look forward to helping them with financing or transaction issues, in which both the technical and human aspects interest me greatly. All in all, I expect to have a great time with interesting and pleasant colleagues who work hard on professional assignments for exciting clients.

What makes you happy in your work?

Friendly contact with your colleagues; having a beer together in the bar after work. The challenge of the profession and the contact with entrepreneurs makes the work fun.

What is your motto and why?

If you want something and dare to try, I am sure you will succeed. A knee accident turned my life upside down. Perseverance and the courage to change has brought me where I am today. Previously I was always focused on sports and since 2012 I have changed direction towards corporate finance.

What do you do in your spare time?

Kite surfing and cycling. Both sports I like to do with friends. When the wind is blowing we start the kite whatsapp group and we often meet at Wijk aan Zee. Occasionally we do a downwinder, the last time we went kitesurfing from Hoek van Holland to IJmuiden. I cycle when there's no wind. It's a great combination of sports. Recently we spent a weekend with friends at the Mosel in Germany, where we combined cycling and drinking wine.

Rogier Tigchelaar

Finally, we ask Rick ter Maat for an addition.

Rick is Rogier's mentor.

Does Rogier work directly on projects?

Rogier works from day 1 on two projects in different sectors. In addition to our onboarding program, we try to let new employees participate in as many different projects as possible.

What do we learn from Rogier?

Rogier has already gained almost 5 years of work experience at Kempen Capital Management. As an investment strategist, Rogier has extensive experience with market and portfolio analysis, a welcome knowledge that he can also apply in his work at JBR.

How does his study connect to his work JBR?

Rogier completed a Master BA Investment Management at the Business School of Tilburg University. Rogier has also completed all CFA levels. This provides him with an excellent basis for working at JBR.

How does the onboarding program work at JBR?

The onboarding program consists of both internal and external courses that are given. Besides Rogier, we have currently welcomed 4 other new colleagues. As a result, we have put together an intensive training program for the coming weeks, consisting of technical, professional courses, combined with practical workshops given by JBR colleagues. In addition, each new colleague will be assigned a 'mentor' as a sparring partner for the first period within JBR. Together with your mentor, new employees draw up a 100-day plan; in this plan, in addition to the various training courses to be followed, the objectives in terms of development are included.

Rick ter Maat
Rick ter Maat