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Iemke Imhof on the onboarding program for new colleagues

June 3, 2021

In a short time, four new people started at JBR:

- Rogier TigchelaarConsultant Corporate Finance
- Gustian van der Linde, Consultant Corporate Finance
- Suut Tang, Business Analyst
- Boudewijn van der Hart, Trainee Consultant

Iemke Imhof talks about the onboarding program:

"The new people give so much new energy. We are extremely happy with these four new colleagues. We have set up an intensive programme to get them up to speed quickly.

Each new colleague is assigned a 'mentor' as a sparring partner for the first period. Together with the mentor they draw up a 100-day plan. This plan includes not only the various training courses to be followed, but also the objectives for development.

JBR 's onboarding program consists of both internal and external courses. It is an intensive training program, with technical, professional courses, combined with practical workshops.
In-house consultants and partners deliver the internal subject matter, practical and technical workshops. These are either in the office or online. In addition, they go through an additional external course program at the JBR Institute by Joost de Vries.

Because they learn from each other, an inspiring synergy is created.

The new employees work on projects in different sectors from day one. The team at JBR is a powerful mix of different people who complement each other.
We enjoy the new knowledge, experience and personality in the team. It is a great match!"