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New acquisition: Lisan Hutten

June 20, 2021

Interview with Lisan Hutten

Lisan has been working as a corporate finance intern at JBR since February 2021 . This was her first step into working life and she has now progressed to working student. Currently, she is completing her master's degree in Finance at the University of Groningen. During her study career she studied in Finland for six months. Here Lisan gained a lot of knowledge about business processes and trade in and around the Baltic Sea.


How did you get to JBR?

I ended up at JBR via 'RISK', the study association of the Finance master in Groningen. I was looking for a fun and educational internship and saw in an email that JBR was looking for a corporate finance intern.


What are your expectations?

I started as an intern at JBR with the expectation of gaining a lot of practical experience in corporate finance. I mainly work on projects in the maritime and offshore sector, an unknown world for me until recently, but I can already speak in the jargon. Through internal training I have recently learned a lot about the corporate finance profession. I expect to put this knowledge into practice in the near future and to acquire new skills.


What makes you happy in your work?

I get energy from challenging assignments or issues! I notice that I learn a lot by working in a team. I also enjoy the sociable atmosphere with my colleagues. We work hard at JBR but there is always time for a joke and a drink.


What is your motto and why?

"Where there is a will, there is a way. Even if sometimes it has yet to be built."

With enthusiasm and a good portion of perseverance you can get very far.


What do you do in your spare time?

During my internship I worked 36 hours a week for JBR and also followed 3 courses at the university. The online lessons were a godsend for me, so I didn't have to travel to Groningen. At this moment I work three days a week for JBR, the other two days I'm working on my master's thesis. I do this at the office or at home.


Lisan Hutten 2
Lisan Hutten

Finally, we ask Charlotte Zoller for an addition.

Charlotte is Lisan's mentor.

Does Lisan work on projects right away?

After her first week full of friendly introductions, chats at the coffee machine and an instructive onboarding program, Lisan could immediately work on a project for a large Dutch company. The following weeks the first training sessions, sector meetings and project meetings were quickly planned in her agenda! Now that Lisan has been properly trained, she can largely work independently on projects and she gets the opportunity to work on international (maritime) deals.


What do we learn from Lisan?

Lisan is eager to learn, assertive and driven; she is also unbeatable in a game of Padel against her colleagues. She likes to be busy all day long, but after a hard week's work, she doesn't say no to a drink at the JBR bar. Her enthusiastic and proactive attitude ensures a positive, fun and efficient collaboration within the team.

How does her study connect to her work at JBR?


During her Master's in Finance, she is exposed to various subjects that are directly related to Corporate Finance and therefore also cover theories that we apply at JBR when, for example, making valuations. Furthermore, she learns analytical thinking, collaboration and presentation; these skills are very useful and continue to develop in her work at JBR.

How does the onboarding program work at JBR?


The onboarding program consists of both internal and external courses given. Besides Suut, we have currently welcomed 4 other new colleagues. As a result, we have put together an intensive training program for the coming weeks, consisting of technical, professional courses, combined with practical workshops given by JBR colleagues. In addition, each new colleague will be assigned a 'mentor' as a sparring partner for the first period within JBR. Together with your mentor, new employees draw up a 100-day plan; in this plan, in addition to the various training courses to be followed, the objectives in terms of development are included.


Charlotte Zoller
Charlotte Zoller