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JBR Interim Executives empowered the team with three new interim directors

July 20, 2021

Suzanna Koning, Heske van Eyck van Heslinga and Hans Reinigert are associated with JBR Interim Executives. From the interim practice of JBR they are temporarily deployed as CEO, director and board member, especially in processes where strategic and necessary changes are involved.

They explain why they chose JBR Interim Executives.

Heske van Eyck van Heslinga: "I join JBR Interim Executives because they are specialized people. In addition, I like to work with professional and enthusiastic colleagues and in particular also the consultants of JBR, so that we can bundle knowledge."

Suzanna Koning: "After permanent jobs at board level, in retail and digital, I want to be able to make a real impact at organizations in change as an interim CEO."

Hans Reinigert: "I have known JBR for a long time. They have a good reputation and are specialized in the Maritime and Offshore sector, where my roots are also. This fits with my experience and knowledge and I am therefore happy to join JBR Interim Executives, to fulfill interim roles in the width."


JBR Interim Executives empowered the team with three new interim directors
Heske van Eyck van Heslinga, Suzanna Koning and Hans Reinigert


Harm Tunteler, Managing Director of JBR Interim Executives adds: "I am extremely pleased with the additional diversity of knowledge. The team consists of very experienced interim executives, all of whom can be deployed for the roles for which JBR is hired. The sectors they come from fit the sectors of JBR. It is good to mention that the team members are also active within the sectors of JBR. This pooling of knowledge is inspiring for our people and of value to our clients."

What can you expect from an interim manager of JBR?

An interim director from JBR Interim Executives helps within 1 year to ensure the continuity of your family business, in succession issues, business acquisition, refinancing or other change processes.

He or she brings calm and stability. Determines priorities. And mobilizes all forces to get your company back on track within 1 year.

Ourinterim CEOs have extensive experience as managing directors (CEOs).

Often a good strategy is already on the table. The interim directors of JBR focus on the implementation of the strategy. So that the necessary changes are implemented as quickly and as well as possible.

JBR Interim Executives works for (larger) family businesses, private equity holdings, smaller stock market funds or Dutch subsidiaries of international holding companies. Every interim director has a shadow manager in the team, who actively thinks along.

JBR Interim Executives is part of the consultancy firm JBR. For meetings, use is made of the striking building in Zeist. If necessary, the consultants of JBR can also help with issues.

More information and contact details

If, as a result of the above, you would like to spar with us, we are entirely open to this. Conversations are strictly confidential, of course.


JBR Interim Executives empowered the team with three new interim directors 1

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