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Students on a visit from Financial Study Association Groningen

May 3, 2022

Yesterday, 25 students came to visit us from Financial Study Association Groningen (FSG). We are one of the companies they visit with the three-day Advisory Tour. The students from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration spent the afternoon in our former school building.

We kick off with a workshop on valuing an anonymized real case. Here we appeal to their brainpower. They work out the problem in small groups under the guidance of a consultant. Then they present the results.

Rick ter Maat, partner of JBR says: "We are pleasantly surprised, with the rating they came pretty close. Of course we gave them guidelines, but still. You do see that they make beginners' mistakes, which we also made. During the follow-up discussion we were asked questions about strategic negotiations when selling a company. They were good questions. The guidance from us was greatly appreciated.'

The thinking brain goes into relaxation mode during the cozy drinks and dinner. There is a food truck on our property preparing delicious pasta dishes. Our colleagues join us for the drinks. We see students catching up, networking and lobbying for an internship or job.

We receive positive feedback about the culture and structure of JBR from students:

'I'm really impressed with the people and the property.'
During this Advisory Tour you get a better picture of a company the business, the people and the culture. This tells you so much more than the workshops that companies give in Groningen, there they always present themselves very well, you can't really make a choice then.'
'You guys have a really cool bar and croquettes on Friday. Did I hear you guys went skiing?'
'JBR has a wide range of disciplines and sectors. I still have to do an internship and am now finishing my thesis. It would be super if I could do this with you guys.'
'In my image JBR was a bit of a stiff company, it's not like that at all. What a hip and cool company!

The drinks continued in the bar. What time it became I dare not say.

Studenten op bezoek van Financial Study Association Groningen