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New issue of GMAP Maritime and Offshore Newsletter Ports & Terminals - May 2022

May 5, 2022

This edition of the GMAP Maritime and Offshore Newsletter, themed "Ports & Terminals.

In it we describe developments around ports, the gateways for cargo and people. About 3,700 commercial ports operate worldwide, most of them of regional importance, but a few hundred ports are of global significance.

Ports are made up of terminals: dry bulk terminals and liquid bulk terminals handle most of the world's cargo, together about 75% of the tonnage. Container terminals handle about 13% of tonnage. Although the dry and liquid bulk markets are fragmented, the container terminal market is dominated by several global players.

Like all other maritime sectors, ports are undergoing changes due to digitalization, sustainability and energy transition. Digitalization will improve efficiency and security and transform port operations.

To meet sustainable standards, ports and terminals will have to make (large) investments. But above all, the energy transition offers new opportunities for ports, as an import or export hub for renewable energy or as a bunkering facility for alternative fuels.

This newsletter focuses on the various shipping sectors and highlights the Offshore Wind sector, a thriving sector for a green future.

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