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Interview with Iemke Imhof on renewing quality certificates

June 30, 2022

We speak with Iemke Imhof, manager of business operations at JBR about the combination of the external audits for the ISO-9001 seal of approval and ACP seal of approval.


The quality certification has recently been renewed again. What is required for this?

An external audit by CIIO; the auditor is sent various strategic and quality documents in advance. The auditor then conducts the examination on site and has extensive interviews with partners, management and employees. This year, for the first time, the auditor physically attended several meetings. This way, he gets an impression of how quality is shaped between professionals.


What are the benefits of being certified by CIIO?

The ISO (process) and ACP (content advice) certifications provide an externally evaluated quality guarantee for our clients. The combination of both certificates not only has practical advantages, but also fits in with our way of working where we not only do what we promise and have our processes in order, but also continuously work on our craftsmanship. CIIO believes that certification should be an inspiring process. The reflective working method helps to improve processes, on the way to an organization that makes the difference.


What insights are in the report?

I am very proud of the report. Both seals of approval were granted without comment!

By attending the auditor, the findings of the sessions were also included in the report.

JBR has all kinds of consultation situations where knowledge is shared, but also where everyone is challenged to present issues and bring the company to a higher level. Consultations radiate openness, safety and interest in each other, a good basis for learning, professionalization and sharing.


What is the motto of JBR? Can you explain this?

Being better tomorrow than today! A learning organization in every sense.


Do you apply this motto to yourself as well?

Of course, what you are living for is yourself. Curiosity and genuine interest in what is going on with young people always brings new and unexpected experiences.

If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got. And that seems like a very boring thing to do in life!


Iemke Imhof on the onboarding program for new colleagues