About JBR

Analytical thinking with feet in practice.

We are an independent consulting firm with a tradition of over 35 years in strategic issues, corporate finance and corporate restructuring. In the broadest sense but with a focus on six sectors. We are very well versed in these sectors and that makes us a partner that helps translate sharp analyses into your daily practice. Realistic, energetic and hands-on. To help you safeguard the continuity of your business, to (re)find growth or to escape from heavy weather. Our office in Zeist is our headquarters. We also work from Belgium and Luxembourg.



Our clients are the decision-makers at listed companies, family businesses, investors and banks, both in the Netherlands and abroad. We are therefore active in a worldwide network. View the references



You can count on clear and independent thinking and advice that doesn't get stuck in the abstract. But with which we actually put you on the trail of new opportunities and give your ambitions a concrete perspective. Our corporate finance specialists will translate the financial side of the strategy and place the corporate finance issues in a strategic context. Because we believe in a flexible approach with multidisciplinary teams and close cooperation, resulting in long-term relationships.

What do you hire JBR for? For issues that will make you think endlessly. What do we pay for the acquisition? Do we order our ships in China or in the Netherlands? Will this investment pay for itself? Should we finance our growth with debt or with our own capital? JBR helps you to clarify all the scenarios and to come to a sound and well-founded decision.

We know the dilemmas you face and help you base your choices on sound thinking. Because we have the best and the brightest on board. And because we know your world inside out. That's how we bring the most complex issues back to the core. If you can use a little power of thought and imagination, we'll be happy to think along with you.

Good Thinking. JBR


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