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Mandate Top Management is part of JBR Interim Executives as of October 1, 2020.


JBR Interim Executives focuses primarily on CEO positions, while Mandate is strong in offering interim CFOs and other functional management, domestically and internationally. By merging JBR and Mandaat, a strong combination is created, expanding the high quality and diversity of services to clients. The company name Mandate will remain and the activities will be continued.
For Mandaat the merger with JBR means a strengthening of her continuity. Mandaat continues to mediate interim managers to interesting assignments in the Netherlands and abroad.

If, as a result of the above, you would like to spar with us, we are entirely open to this. Conversations are strictly confidential, of course.

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Jan Kalisvaart

Managing partner




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Commissarissensearch advises Boards of Commissioners and Supervisory Boards on filling vacancies


The collaboration with Commissarisensearch came about because our clients regularly ask us for advice about filling vacancies for supervisory staff. In order to avoid remaining in the 'old boys network', we entered into a structural collaboration with Commissarissensearch.

InFloris Recourt andBert van der Wijk we have found two people who have earned their spurs in executive search. Through their years of experience in executive search they have at their disposal professional knowledge, a very broad expertise and an enormous network.
Their working method is professional and comprehensive: from filling vacancies, supervising self-evaluations, advice on supervision and governance to carrying out assessments.


Floris Recourt en Bert van der Wijk
Floris Recourt en Bert van der Wijk

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