Corporate finance: activities and core value

Why choose Corporate Finance at JBR?

JBR Corporate Finance specializes in business valuation and operations, attracting venture and loan capital and assisting in business acquisition or business transfer. We always work from an independent advisory role. An open way of doing business, which by now has brought us many clients and many ambassadors.
Thanks to our sector focus and proven track record, JBR Corporate Finance knows the opportunities and dilemmas you face. As an independent and reliable sparring partner, JBR helps you to reduce the most complex issues to their essence and to clarify all scenarios in order to arrive at a responsible and well-founded decision.

The Corporate Finance consultants are driven to achieve the most optimal result for you. We are specialized in these Corporate Finance services:


Transaction Guidance

  • Preparation, advice and guidance for a company takeover, business transfer or joint venture
  • shaping M&A strategy and identifying acquisition candidates


Business valuation

  • performing valuation analyses and preparing valuation reports in the context of strategic value creation, transactions and shareholder and tax disputes, among other things
  • financial modelling and scenario analysis of strategic plans financial forecasting and business cases


Arranging capital and funding

  • attracting risk-bearing growth capital from (venture) investors
  • attracting bank financing or other outside capital
  • structuring and arranging project financing
  • financial modelling and scenario analysis of capital structures and covenants


Restructuring and debt advisory

  • advice on strategic reorientations
  • Gain insight into and improve profitability
  • structuring and refinancing existing capital structure
  • financial modelling and scenario analysis of strategic realignments, liquidity, capital structures and covenants


The most frequently asked questions about a strategic ambition


Are you looking for help with the strategic transfer of your company?

The issue of succession or the sale of one's own business, built up through hard work and sacrifice, is often put off and important decisions are postponed. In addition, in practice psychological and social aspects also play a major role in a business takeover. Emotions and subjectivity can get in the way of a successful succession.

Because business acquisition is a serious matter, we would like to offer you tailored advice. This is possible through our Corporate Finance advisors. Our Corporate Finance advisors will support you with acquisition advice and acquisition guidance. Together with you we will make every effort to prepare the sales process, identify and approach potential buyers and ultimately achieve a successful takeover process.


You want to take over a company?

A strategic business acquisition is usually made to improve the company's own market position based on a defined strategic objective. The acquired company can be a direct competitor, so that the own company after the acquisition can grow by the acquired products/services, customers and market share. Also a company outside the own core business can be bought, for example because of new technologies or additional competences that offer opportunities.

Together with you, our Corporate Finance advisors will draw up an acquisition recommendation and search profile, which we will use to inform and advise you, and to supervise the entire acquisition process.


You want a better basis for the negotiation process?

Business valuation plays an important role in strategic value creation, acquisition, sale or merger of companies, financing issues and disputes between shareholders or with the tax authorities.

The objective valuations of our Corporate Finance team form an excellent basis for such situations. If you want to enter the transaction process or negotiations with a good feeling, make sure you have a thorough business valuation of your company.

Registered Business Valuators

Business valuation has developed as a separate profession in recent years due to the increasing complexity and knowledge required. JBR also considers business valuation to be a separate profession. We therefore have Registered Business Valuators (RVs) in our Corporate Finance team. This assures you of a thorough and professional approach to your valuation issue.


You want to sell a part of your business?

When a part of your company is up for sale, you often run into very specific problems. The sale of a business unit requires a solid carve-out strategy.

The Corporate Finance advisors at JBR will support you in taking stock of the carve-out costs. We can also prepare a business valuation for you. In addition, JBR can help you with the carve-out itself. We ensure that you can quickly present a ready-for-sale company to potential buyers.


Do you need additional or new business financing and/or do you want to improve the profitability of your business?

In debt advisory, the focus is on making your company profitable.

JBR is an independent consulting firm with over 35 years of experience in business restructuring and debt advisory.


You want to collaborate economically with another company?

More and more companies are using joint ventures to realize their strategy. Usually a joint venture results in a joint subsidiary where forces are combined. Both participating parties remain fully independent and neither party has a majority stake in the joint venture.
Joint ventures are often complex and can be extremely sensitive. In a joint venture, companies with different backgrounds and visions work together. Not every company has the required competencies in-house to realize the objectives of the joint venture despite opposing interests. It is important to make concrete agreements and record them well.
JBR Corporate Finance has over 35 years of experience and knowledge of how to optimally protect the specific interests of minority, majority or 50/50 shareholders. We are happy to help you with this.


Do you want to realise a project and are you looking for suitable financing partners to share the financial risk?

Project finance is often used in public-private partnerships. It involves, for example, the financing of projects for area development, infrastructure and housing construction. Industrial projects are also often financed in this way, such as the construction and operation of power plants, telecommunications, wind farms and various public facilities. Project financing is a suitable instrument if you want to divide the tasks and risks in the realization of a project.
Good transaction documentation is essential for project finance. It comes down to well-considered and sharp wording. JBR Corporate Finance can provide you with the right advice on arranging this form of financing and everything that it entails.


Do you need help applying for additional enterprise funding?

Entrepreneurs today cannot blindly rely on obtaining and continuing their business financing. The banking world has changed significantly and these changes are structural in nature. Banks have become very critical and do not grant credit lightly. Banks and other financing institutions ask companies to provide a thorough substantiation and risk analysis of their plans. Venture capitalists want to be clear about what problem a young company is solving with its new product or service, the market potential, the go-to-market strategy and the earnings model. Only then is it possible to obtain business financing.
JBR Corporate Finance can not only validate your plans, but also translate them into cash flow and a well-founded financing need. Our Corporate Finance advisors have the expertise to provide you with expert advice on attracting venture capital and loan capital.

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