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Develop greenhouse strategy energy company


Development of a greenhouse strategy for an energy company.


A smaller energy company has a relatively large position in the market of gardeners. This segment consumes a relatively large amount of energy in the form of gas and electricity. Because of the energy intensity, innovations also take place in this segment that often later find application in a broader layer of society. The level of the energy bill is of vital importance to the grower and he behaves as a professional purchaser who is driven by lowering the integral energy costs. Energy suppliers in this segment distinguish themselves by a low energy price combined with an active and innovative role in the field of energy management.

Problem statement

Our client sees his position in this segment threatened. He is wondering if and how he can play a sustainable and profitable role in this segment and whether there is any right of existence for the organization in parting with this segment.

Our contribution

JBR analyzed the importance of this segment for this company especially in the financial sense. In addition, various scenarios were developed from the different strategic options that ranged from just being an energy supplier to the concept of integral energy management combined with a trading platform. The various scenarios differed in risk and return perspective. As a pure energy supplier, the risk lay with the end customer. At the other end of the spectrum, the risk lay almost entirely with our client. Between the two extremes lay all kinds of hybrid forms. Based on these qualitative and quantitative options, our client determined his horticultural strategy.

The result

A clear picture regarding the importance of the horticultural sector for our client. A detailed vision regarding various strategic options and choice to continue in the horticultural segment according to a carefully considered strategic route.