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Development of heat strategy of energy company


Together with the customer, determine the recommended strategy for the product 'Heat'. Do this based on market developments, concrete cases, presence of internal capabilities, match with the mission and vision of the company and the desire of the shareholders. The strategy must make statements about whether the customer should play a role in 'Heat' and if so, what role.


Our client is the business development department of the company. The theme 'Heat' falls within the responsibility of this department. A number of shareholders have asked the client to define their position with regard to 'Heat'. In addition, a number of concrete heat projects are emerging in which a role for our customer is desirable. On the national front, amendments to the Heat Act have been adopted by the Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament which could make heat projects more attractive - financially speaking.

Problem statement

Support in defining the strategy around 'Warmth'.

Our contribution

JBR has mapped the market. Both large and small-scale heat projects in operation and in design have been mapped. The business case of a specific heat project was examined in detail and various scenario and sensitivity analyses were made. An extensive risk inventory was made, in which both the project risks and the full chain risks were analyzed. An analysis was also made of the available capabilities in the field of heat and a match was made with the mission and vision of the company. This external, internal and financial analysis led to a conclusion of the role that the customer could play in 'Heat' and the associated implications. This conclusion was presented to the customer's Board of Directors.

The result

A clear strategy document in which the analyses are summarised and the rationale for the recommended strategy is presented. The conclusion was well received by the Executive Board (BoM). The Executive Board's decision obviously cannot be stated for reasons of confidentiality.