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Sale of pharmaceutical wholesale parts


Sales components of Pharmaceutical Wholesale.


Changing national regulations in recent years have led to margin pressure in the pharmaceutical chain. Some of this margin pressure can be prevented by economies of scale. Greater purchasing power and optimization of logistics processes play an important role here. In the chain, the wholesaling function is often organized by bundling the volume of various pharmacies that also own the wholesaling link. The focus of affiliated pharmacists is on achieving the lowest possible logistical costs and the most attractive purchasing advantages.

Problem statement

The trend of scaling up led our client to decide to transfer its wholesale activities to a wholesale organization with more purchasing power. Two (adjacent) subsidiaries of our client did not directly fit within the portfolio of the buyer of the wholesale activities while the settlement of the entire holding was desired.

Our contribution

JBR produced a professional sales memorandum for both subsidiaries. Subsequently, in consultation with the client, a shortlist of potential strategic and financial buyers was established. In a short period of time JBR tested the market, inviting interested parties to make a non-binding offer for the company(ies). In consultation with the client, the various bids were analyzed partly on the basis of expected guarantees and indemnities in the transaction documentation.

The result

Both subsidiaries were eventually sold in good consultation to the buyer of the wholesale activities. By testing the market quickly and at limited cost, our client was assured that value optimization had taken place from a shareholder perspective.