Boudewijn van der Hart

Business Analyst
Every process is different, a satisfied client is always the goal''.

The thing that appeals to me most about the corporate finance industry is that every process is different, because no company is the same. There is no standard procedure when going through an M&A process and this diversity creates new challenges every time. On the other hand, the goal behind these challenges is always to properly perform the expected services for the client. A satisfied client is the goal JBR and myself strive for.

In 2021, I completed the Master Financial Economics in Rotterdam, after first attending the Bachelor Economics and Business Economics in Groningen. During my Master Financial Economics, I designed my curriculum with corporate finance related courses. The choice for a corporate finance consultancy as JBR was made in time because I can immediately work in a team with the client. Eventually I came into contact with JBR through a workshop at the RISK congress in Groningen.

In my opinion, the most instructive challenge within this sector is to present companies as a team. In addition, a happy collaboration with the client is part of the key to success. This is where the social skills I have built up come in handy. I also enjoy working with figures when preparing valuations.

What makes me happy in my work is a well-run collaboration with colleagues. Because of the open attitude of the team at JBR, I know that I am in the right place for that. Strengthening the JBR team and assisting clients during a corporate finance process are the challenges I take on in my time at JBR.


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