Gustian van der Linde

Senior Consultant Corporate Finance
Work together with people from whom you can learn something'.

By surrounding yourself with good, fun and curious people you continue to learn from each other. I find this very important in my work and career. You keep each other sharp, come up with new ideas together and evaluate when something could have been done better. This applies to content, but certainly also to the personal level. I find it interesting to be continuously involved with new companies and people. To see what product they offer, how the business model works and what the culture of the company is.

I obtained my MSc Finance and MSc Economics from the University of Groningen. Here I learned to translate quantitative issues and financial analyses into choices and decisions.

After completing my studies in 2015, I gained a number of years of experience as a consultant in financing advice (debt advisory). Here I guided companies in raising new financing for e.g. acquisitions or other large investments. This is also where my interest in corporate finance advice and acquisition processes originated.

At JBR I am involved in financial analyses, building financial models, advising on (re)financing projects and assisting in merger and acquisition processes. This covers the full range of sectors in which JBR is active.

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