Niklas Kaiser

Consultant Corporate Finance
'Finance without strategy is just numbers, and strategy without finance is just dreaming'

During my Master's in Strategic Management, I missed this connection. By the end of my studies, I knew I wanted to work in a consulting firm, but how can you give strategic advice if you don't know what the numbers are telling you?

Therefore, after college, I completed the first level in the CFA program to increase my understanding of numbers and began looking for a consulting firm that focuses on both; strategy and finance.

With extensive expertise in the strategic and corporate finance sector, JBR is able to provide its clients with a roadmap for their journey to the dot on the horizon, answering questions on the numbers, such as do we have sufficient funds for this journey and/or do we need new capital and how will this capital be financed (debt vs. equity)?


This combination of strategy and finance made me know immediately that I wanted to work here. And that feeling hasn't changed.

It is precisely by digging a layer deeper that we can really add value.

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