Why choose strategy consulting at JBR?

JBR has over 25 years of experience in providing strategic advice and has built a strong track record. For JBR the client is central whereby customization is standard for us. We combine our modern working methods and methodologies with our many years of experience.

We are an internationally active consultancy firm that looks beyond the national borders. And because we are part of an international network, we also have the (market) knowledge of our foreign colleagues at our disposal.

Our consultants distinguish themselves by a deep knowledge of the context in which our clients operate and bring a combination of analytical skills with innovative thinking, true creativity and flexibility.

We like to be surprised and are driven by understanding the issues and the context and are always looking for new insights and knowledge. To this end, we analyse developments in various sectors and companies in order to understand the underlying drivers and levers. This way we stay abreast of developments that affect your environment and take the time to understand you and your business.

All with the aim of helping you make the right choices and challenging assumptions. We do this in sprints and/or extensive trajectories, informal workshops and/or in-depth analyses, but always in co-creation with the client.


What is our underseparating capability and what are synergies within our team?



Knowledge of the sectors

We work from sectors in which we specialise. In these sectors, we proactively analyze economic, technological and political developments in order to share with our clients and optimally assist them in solving problems in their sectors. By executing various projects in these sectors, we have built up a strong track record and a broad network, which we gladly use to facilitate collaborations.

Furthermore, with our in-depth sector knowledge we often play an important role in identifying suitable buyers or targets for a transaction. We are always interested in informal sparring sessions with entrepreneurs within and outside our network to share insights and enrich each other's knowledge.


The combination of Strategy and Corporate Finance/M&A

In collaboration with our Corporate Finance discipline, we often work at the interface of Strategy and Corporate Finance. We have experience in M&A and valuation processes and understand the interaction between strategic choices and M&A or the valuation of a company. Furthermore we know how M&A can contribute to the realization of the strategy and objectives of the company.

The same combination makes us a suitable sparring partner when your company is at a crossroads; is now the right time to sell or will an independent growth strategy result in more value creation?

If a (partial) sale is the best option, we often support the design of an optimal exit strategy.

Have you recently started thinking about selling a business or expanding through an acquisition? Then we are available for a no-obligation level check: is your business ready? What is involved? How does it fit into your short and long term plans? What is the market doing?


The combination of Strategy and Restructuring

In collaboration with our Restructuring discipline, we help companies under pressure to make good choices. In essence, it's about mapping out which elements of the business model are future-proof and which are not, and where it would be better to say goodbye in order to be viable.

In-depth sector knowledge and an effective methodology to underpin strategic choices are essential to make the right choices quickly. From a diverse pool of advisors, we assemble a team with the right expertise for each situation, with advisors who can solve your problem with flexibility.


What are we good at?

We attach great value to the sustainability of our advice and a personal relationship with our clients and our network. We are happy to take on the role of an interlocutor who, together with the client, shapes a strategic issue in the desired manner of cooperation.

For some of our clients we work for a longer period as a dedicated permanent advisor. For other clients we perform a quick business case review when needed or we hold workshops to shape a vision or share insights on a relevant topic together.

A comprehensive list of our experiences and what we are good at can be found here.



Which customers do we target?


Entrepreneurs/ Mid-Market/ Family Businesses

Our character often resonates well with the situation and values of entrepreneurs, Mid-Market companies and family businesses; Personal, informal and small scale.

Thanks to our knowledge of Corporate Finance, we know which questions need to be answered when growth financing needs to be raised, the company has a succession issue, the business model is no longer future-proof, or a business case needs a slightly sharper foundation. Involved but neutral, we are prepared to challenge your assumptions.


Leaders and specialists in our sectors and niches

Our in-depth sector knowledge makes us highly suitable advisors to leaders and niche specialists in our focus sectors. We are always aware of the issues that concern these parties and can focus directly on the problems because we are already familiar with the context.

We organise informal knowledge sessions with experts from our network on a recent topic or we simply visit you to spar about new developments and trends.

We have good experience in organising knowledge sessions in the form of round tables.

Look here for an example.


Private Equity/ Family offices

When building or developing an investment portfolio, it is important to start with a clear framework and clear choices. Thanks to our experience in both strategy and corporate finance, we know how M&A processes run and which factors are relevant when developing an investment strategy.

Our sector knowledge enables us to find the right partners for adding or disposing of portfolio parties or to update you on a particular niche or trend in an informal workshop.
Want to know more about our experiences in this area?

Then take a look at our knowledge paper on how to implement a buy-and-build strategy.


Supervisory Board

With a personal and small-scale approach, we are a suitable sparring partner for supervisory boards. We can inform them and keep them informed of trends and developments relevant to their companies, such as digitalisation. On their behalf, we can question the company and its management as a neutral party.

We take them through market developments and future scenarios, so that they can assess the associated risks, opportunities and necessary investments.

Also read the related interview in the NRC.


Private and public parties

We know how to translate the commercial interests of private parties and the social interests of public parties and how to include them in strategic advice. Not only when they are separate, but also when public and commercial interests collide, we are in our element and know how to bring all stakeholders together.
In 2020 we worked on several cases at the interface of public and commercial interests.

You can find an example here.


Our references




More information and contact details

If, as a result of the above, you would like to spar with one of our advisors, we are entirely open to this.

In fact, we are looking forward to it!

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