Impact Covid-19: strategic choices for value creation in the food & agri sector

Within the Food & Agri sector, the effects of Covid-19 are noticeable. Changes occur throughout the chain, resulting in clear winners and losers.

To be among the winners, strategic choices must now be made.


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This free white paper identifies strategic options:


  • Strategic reorientation of the product portfolio. For example, to balance the dependence on exports, the hospitality industry and the position in the value chain.
  • Deploying a digital transformation of elements of the business and operating model to meet changing customer demand.
  • Consolidation through business takeovers in agri-food sector. Reducing the number of company locations to match supply with demand. Return to attractive profitability.


Three major themes for structural change


The food & agri sector will have to become more resilient and companies within this sector need to develop a future-proof business model.

The consultants at JBR broadly identify three major themes for structural change for companies within the Food & Agri sector:


1. Changing consumer demand;

The crisis is expected to result in a diffuse development. Consumers who are hit economically will start to focus heavily on price.
Consumers who are not affected and have a relatively large amount to spend will opt for healthy, sustainable and convenient options.
In addition, the demand will structurally shift to a large extent from on-premise to off-premise, from consumption outside the home to consumption at home. From physical purchasing channels to online ordering.


2. Supply chain change;

Due to the crisis (and the much earlier decline in globalization), the demand for resilient supply chains will increase. These are less dependent on exports and imports and focus more on local and regional sourcing. Examples are vertical farming and the partnerships of Dutch agricultural technology companies with entrepreneurs and investors from China and the Middle East.


3.Accelerating digital transformation and agritech;

There is an enhanced demand for AgriTech solutions (e.g., Internet of things, robotization, e-commerce). Companies want to be less dependent on the growing labor shortage. By producing more demand-driven and locally, food remains affordable. The agri-food sector is less sensitive to shocks.



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Impact Covid-19: strategic choices are necessary for future value creation across the food & agri value chain 2

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